Research Community Resolutions Infographic

GutCheck created an on-demand community of over 35 consumers who had created New Year’s Resolutions to see if they were tracking and sticking to them in January or giving up already.

Turning to its on-demand research community for insights, GutCheck rapidly checked the pulse of average American consumers for their views on New Years resolutions. As evidenced in this infographic, we can all bring a lot more willpower and resolve to the table, especially when it comes to diet, exercise, saving habits, and relationships. But one thing is clear: 40% of participants in the online research survey resolve not to listen to gossip about the Kardashians in the New Year. Can we get an Amen?

The results were enlightening:

  1. The Few. The Proud. The Technology Trackers. While it may not be a surprise that most people haven’t even formally written down their resolutions and think they can just keep them in their head, 14% are using mobile apps to help them track progress and 7% are using online communities or similar tools to keep them motivated.
  2. If I Don’t Tell You, You Can’t Make Fun Of Me. Nearly half of those in the discussion — 44% — will not share their goals with others. Reasons behind not sharing include the desire for peers to see their achievements only after accomplished, and not wanting to admit to struggling or having difficulty reaching their goals.


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