Case Study
Atlanta, GA

To Gain High Quality Insights On Product Concepts

Product Concept Refinement & Testing


To Develop, Refine, and Narrow Product Concepts for a New Liquid Dish Soap Brand 

The Challenge

The client needed to get consumer responses to 10 different product concepts for a new liquid dish soap brand. Specifically, the purpose of this research was to gauge consumer response to and understanding of the following: 

• Product name 

• Package design (bottle shape, packaging label, color of liquid) 

• Fragrance 

• Lead claim 

• Secondary claims 

To Deliver Relevant, Synthesized Report

The Solution

Over the course of two days, the client completed 48 one-on-one interviews of up to 45 minutes in length. Using GutCheck’s Real-Time In-Depth Interview (IDI) platform, the client’s project leads were able to collaborate on guide writing and moderating, and conducted multiple interviews simultaneously. GutCheckʼs speed and flexibility allowed the client to use real-time feedback to revise its concepts. For instance, the client’s in-house graphic designer sat in on the discussions. As trends emerged, the designer incorporated responses into a new visual concept, which was tested with the next group of respondents. As a result of this on-the-fly analysis, the brand messages were rethought, revised and strengthened over the course of the study. The new branding performed very well during follow-up quantitative testing. 

4X Value
Of Traditional Interviewing Methods

The Results

The client was able to execute a complex, multi-step, multi-concept study in just a few days rather than a few weeks gaining more relevant insights at a significantly lower cost than alternative methods. The GutCheck platform enabled the project team to moderate and respond to the discussion in real-time, which allowed for more dynamic research. The client incorporated consumer insights from the GutCheck study, and the refined packaging yielded a higher intent to purchase from the respondents. 

Client Testimonial

"“The concepts changed substantially and tested strongly after incorporating consumer insight yielded by the GutCheck in-depth interviews. In BASES SnapShot™ testing the majority of the concepts tested in the top 40% for purchase intent.”

~Brad White, Partner"
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