Agile Human Experience Intelligence™

Better connecting brands and the people they serve
Simply put, people want brands to “get them”. Whether your brand targets businesses or consumers, there is ultimately a human making the decision to engage with or purchase from you and they want to be known.

Humans are complex and the decisions we make between brands on a daily basis happen in the most hyper-competitive markets we’ve ever seen.

So how can brands win people’s hearts and minds?

To break through the clutter and to stand out among myriad competing products, services and messages, brands need to be grounded in empathy.

This means understanding people in all their complexity, understanding that decisions aren’t made in a vacuum, and desiring to connect at a deeper level where brands can feel confident they have ‘walked a mile’ in the shoes of those they seek to serve.

Agile Human Experience Intelligence

At GutCheck, to enable this connection, we have developed a multi-dimensional research system that helps brands get closer to people and deliver products, services and experiences which are grounded in empathy and connect at deeper levels.

Agile Human Experience Intelligence is grounded in psychological and behavioral research and reveals the emotions, needs, and personality dimensions – in context – that drive people’s behaviors.

The approach combines innovative research technology and methods, like Hybrid NLP and emotion analytics, with human expertise to bring this deeper and authentic understanding to life.

Ultimately, we help brands deliver the right products, services, experiences, and messages to the right people, creating affinity, preference, usage, and sharing, and moving them to feel “wow! they really get me!”.

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