Our Latest Intellectual Spark: The Best of Brand Case Studies, Brand Attachment Research and the Importance of Product Innovation

Aug 26, 2021

Here is a curated offering of articles that are creating industry buzz:

Your Consumers Are Not Always Who You Think They Are: Find out what was most surprising to Nestlé when they researched their Life Cuisine audience.

How Understanding Consumer Emotion is the Key to Brand Strategy:  Read on to learn how you can actually know how your consumers are feeling about your brand without any risk of influencing them by them knowing you are listening.

A Primer on Product Innovation from What it Should Be to Why Getting It Right Matters So Much: Everything you need to know about product innovation and how to drive it with consumer insights.

Getting to Know the Most Powerful Purchase Drivers of Your Brand:  In this coffee industry case study, we will dive into insights on how to grow your brand.

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