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Nov 18, 2021

An Open Letter From GutCheck’s CEO, Rob Wengel

This week, with Thanksgiving fast approaching and at the end of a year which has seen a lot of exciting evolution at GutCheck, I took some time to share a few thoughts with our customers, partners and supporters.   I invite you to take a few moments to share in my excitement about where we are heading and what it means for our clients.  

Dear GutCheck Friends,

At this reflective time of year, thanks for taking a few minutes, when you are likely inundated, as I share some thoughts. 

 We did (forgive me!) a “gutcheck” on GutCheck. We spoke to many of you and took a deep look inside, to see what we are made of, so we can help our key partners succeed in this hyper-competitive, ever-changing world. Our mission has been to make clients into heroes, and those values are central.  

We are excited about the future and firmly believe… 

  1.  We wouldn’t be here without you! We thank you for the trust you have placed in our team to deliver insights that you count on to make the right innovation, brand, and messaging decisions.  
  2. “Agile” is about getting to the heart of what matters, when and how it matters, to you. It is not just quick, cheap or DIY, rather it is service, tailored to your needs, time, and budget. 
  3. Human Experience Intelligence (HXI) is our guiding focus. Agile HXI is all about helping you connect brands to people, to create:  affinity, preference, usage, and sharing.  Agile HXI is rooted in emotions, personality, needs, and context, the key dimensions that matter most. Innovation Illuminator and Persona Connector are great new ways to get there. 
  4. Agile HXI is also about using the right, innovative methods to get answers. With our advanced, proprietary Hybrid NLP we bring emotion and other elements to life by accessing millions of authentic conversations, online and in your data sets. Unsolicited insights serve as a great surrogate and complement to our leading, agile forms of qual and quant research. 
  5. “It Takes Guts” for marketers and innovators to break through and deliver a better human experience. We are starting the conversation, sharing the stories of “Gutsiest Brands”, via a new, forthcoming podcast and more.  “Gutsy” brands embody the best combination of:  
  • Leading with Empathy 
  • Pioneering new Paths  
  • Standing behind Bold Ideas 
  • Seizing Opportunities, where others see Trade-offs  

While our insights and your brands are increasingly powered by technology, being refreshingly human allows you to deliver “They Get ME” experiences. As you bring your gutsy ideas to fruition, thank you for trusting us to help!  

 Please reach out to me, or my GutCheck teammates, to start or expand the conversation. 

 Have a great Thanksgiving.  

 Rob Wengel, CEO  

 [email protected]   

Written By

Rob Wengel

Rob Wengel

Chief Executive Officer

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