We all want to move faster, but at what cost?

Jul 26, 2021

There is nothing better than being locked in our homes for over a year to make us want to bust out at Mach 6 with our hair on fire, is there? 

This pent-up energy impacts both our personal and professional lives. Adding to the lockdown’s impact, is the rapid pace of technological change in the consumer research industry. Society’s constant digital connectivity has created an ability to gain insights in a more observational manner, reducing the potential for bias that we had to work to avoid in the lab. And, it’s delivered at a much faster rate. 

World-renowned primatologist, Jane Goodall, spent decades sitting in the jungle, observing chimpanzees in the wild, taking copious notes on all the relevant precursor behavioral ‘tells’ to meaningful actions in her primate subjects. Her research was ground-breaking, but also painstaking. Now we can do it in the comfort of our own homes, with humans. 

How can we do that? It’s using methods like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing…all the exciting tools being applied now to marketing research at scale. The increase in speed, the proliferation of new tools, and the integration of human expertise allow for research to be strategic, comprehensive, and timely in an iterative fashion.  At GutCheck, we call it agile.  

The 2021 GRIT Report illuminated how mission-critical speed is, without sacrificing accuracy and depth, to brands gaining or maintaining a competitive advantage. AI & ML were the top buzz terms amongst brand researchers in the report, and increased speed getting to actionable insights was the most mentioned feature thereof. 

Understandably, after a year of delayed gratification and enormous suppressed energy, brand researchers and the companies they represent are itching to make a significant impact on market share. Time is of the essence to capitalize on pent-up consumer demand and establish renewed brand loyalty. 

That is where GutCheck comes in. Using all the state-of-the-art methodologies, our research products deliver actionable, bold insights at scale  without any tradeoffs in quality of result. Whether you need concept testing, customer persona creation, package testing or an understanding of how emotions impact consumer sentiment and purchase decision making, GutCheck has a solution to fit your challenge. We bring the human analytic skill set to enhance our insights and reporting, ensuring that clients get the highest value.  

GutCheck can be your full service, technology-enabled research partner.  Give us a call.  We are here to help. 

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Pamela Dunaway

Pamela Dunaway

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