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Forward-thinking brands are trying to be more human-centric. People who use products and services are expecting brands to know them better and prove that they ‘get’ them
There is no better way to bring that human-centricity to the core of your research, than to incorporate the actual people who use your products and services as collaborative stakeholders to help you iteratively ideate throughout the process.

GutCheck’s Agile Creative Think Tank (ACTT) is a multi-day, iterative collaboration with curated, highly creative participants engaging in daily activities and discussions to co-create ideas and to optimize and amplify existing ideas.

How Can ACTT Benefit Me?

Companies use ACTT to develop human-centric strategies in three core areas:

Category Exploration & Co-Creation

  • When you need to understand how your brand could play in a new or adjacent category or opportunity area.

Innovation Co-Creation

  • When you’d like to ideate for new product or service ideas, potential opportunities to resolve tensions, or optimize and amplify existing products or services.

Communication Co-Creation

  • When you’d like to gather unaided robust feedback to ensure claims and communication are most impactful.

ACTT In Action

Category Exploration
& Co-creation

Bringing to life how a brand could play in an adjacent or new space:​

  • Existing perceptions​
  • Organic consumer language​
  •  Right to play​
  •  Tensions & motivations​
  •  Benefits Ladder​


Building upon existing parameters and potential opportunities to resolve tensions to create product ideas and innovation avenues​:​

  • New idea generation
  • Building upon existing ideas​
  • Benefit platform development​
  • Partnership opportunities​
  • Innovation platforms​

Communication ​

Gather unaided, robust feedback to ensure claims creation and communication platforms align with what is most impactful for consumers​:​

  • Claims development​
  • Communication platforms & positioning statements​
  • Product features & attributes​ ​
  • Benefit messaging/RTBs​
  • Creative positioning & placement​
  • Packaging & labeling
Agile Creative Think Tank brings the benefits of co-creation into an online experience, making it easier to connect with the people who use your products and services so you never have to choose between speed and a human-centric strategy.

With ACTT, you can innovate, ideate and communicate with confidence, building more meaningful products and services, and a stronger, more authentic connection between your brand and the people you serve.

Let’s discuss how ACTT could be the missing piece in your research strategy.

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