Quick qual & quant created to help you understand and dynamically respond to people’s needs empathetically as they evolve in a rapidly changing environment

We don’t need to tell you that recent times have been hard on people. Many things we accepted as absolutes and constants have changed.

To better understand how the social and economic turbulence has been affecting real people, GutCheck created GutCheckonomicsTM. This quarterly study explores how people’s emotions, needs, personalities and behaviors are evolving in the context of the circumstances we are all going through, to equip brands to innovate and communicate with empathy. 

With our research demonstrating just how fast things are changing, we have created a solution to help brands stay closer and react quicker to people’s evolving needs, behaviors, and emotions: GutCheck-ins.

Questions Answered Quickly For Fast Insights

GutCheck-ins is a tailored single or mixed-methodology mechanism for rapid and efficient assessment of people’s critical attitudes and behaviors that can help answer your pressing business questions, like:

How have my target audiences evolved in the midst of recent social and economic events?

  • How have my target audiences evolved in the midst of recent social and economic events?
  • How do I communicate to better connect and meet my audience where they are? 
  • What are consumers/users willing to pay for a new product? 
  • How have category dynamics evolved and how do I fit within the competitive landscape? 
  • What does the new omni-shopper consumer journey look like? 
  • How is behavior changing in my category? And which groups are driving the change? 
  • What changes in spending patterns should I expect given the economic and human context? 
  • How are key behaviors and indicators changing over time? 

Easily Repeatable, Multi-dimensional Approach

Choose the approach that works for you based on the answers you’re seeking.

Quick Quant

1-Day or 2-day Qual

Quant + Qual

Once you determine how fast the critical attitudes, behaviors, and socio-economic dynamics are evolving among the people you serve, work with us to establish the ideal cadence for repeat pulses.

Ready For A GutCheck-in?

Whether you need a one-time business question answered or a regular pulse-check to stay informed as your target audience’s needs, emotions and behaviors shift, this solution delivers transcripts and data within a day of field-close, meaning you can go from questions to answers to action in as little as 3 business days.

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