Equipping brands to innovate and communicate with empathy by applying a human-centric lens to economic and societal trends

Keeping Up With The Pace Of Change

Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Societal transformation, political polarization, supply chain issues, impending recession, low unemployment, rising mental health awareness, and so many other factors are combining to dizzying effect in people’s lives.

As brand and insights leaders, it is our role to guide our companies forward, demonstrating understanding and empathy for people’s circumstances. Knowing what they are going through is important. Knowing how that makes them feel and how it will influence their behavior is essential.

GutCheckonomics Puts You In Consumers’ Shoes

To help brands grasp the impact of current events on their target audiences, GutCheck created GutCheckonomics – a practice that applies the human-centric principles of Agile Human Experience Intelligence to economic and societal trend data, delivering insights that reveal how to better connect and engage with people during turbulent times.

Exploring how real people are feeling and reacting to the fast-evolving world around them, and understanding the experiences are shaping their mindsets and planned future behaviors, GutCheckonomics gives brands deep insights to ensure their innovation and messaging is rooted in empathy.

Latest GutCheckonomics Insights & Reports

GutCheckonomics Wave 3 Overview

In our 3rd report exploring how real people’s emotions, needs, and behaviors are changing amid economic and societal turbulence, we found that consumer optimism may be on the rise.

Download our new report overview to get a sense of how people’s emotions & behaviors have evolved throughout 2022 & the outlook moving into 2023.

GutCheckonomics™: Discovering How Different Generations Are Experiencing and Reacting to Economic and Societal Trends

Data from our latest GutCheckonomics study shows distinct generational differences in how people are reacting to, feeling about, and planning ahead in light of the current economic and societal instability.

In this brand-new infographic created from sections of the full wave 2 report, we explore how top concerns and the impact of those concerns on mental health, economic outlook, and general positivity compare across generations.

In Case You Missed it

GutCheckonomics™: Wave 2 Report

In our 2nd report exploring how real people’s emotions, needs, and behaviors are changing amid economic and societal turbulence, we have seen some big shifts in their optimism and planned spending.​

GutCheckonomics™: Exploring People's Current Mental, Physical, And Financial Health And Emotional States

Our latest GutCheckonomics poll showed that people’s outlooks are becoming increasingly pessimistic as they worry about inflation, cost of living, and various social and political issues.

The Stability Of Personality

In this, our 4th blog post helping brands to understand people’s multidimensionality, we explore how personality is more of a constant than needs, emotions, or context, and how brands can use that to develop messaging that continues to connect.

Discovering Authentic Emotions

In this, our third blog post exploring how economic and societal pressures are impacting real people, we’re going to be exploring the role that understanding humans’ emotions plays in helping brands innovate and communicate with empathy…

Context Is Key To Dialing In Your Brand Empathy

(Part 2 of a 4-part blog series helping brands think like real people) Welcome to our second blog post exploring how current economic and societal pressures are impacting real people and how brands need to stay close to their evolving mindsets in…

What People Need Right Now, And How Brands Can Support Them

(Part 1 of a 4-part blog series helping brands think like real people) In any time of accelerated – and turbulent – economic and societal change, it can be difficult for brands to understand how the people they serve are both coping with and…

CEO Thoughts: How Brands Weather The Storm

GutCheck CEO, Rob Wengel, shares his perspective on how brands can succeed during changing times by staying as close to people’s emotions and needs as possible.

Inaugural GutCheckonomics Report

Explore our first report revealing how different generations, and income-level cohorts are feeling about major economic and societal issues, their mental, physical, and financial health, and the plans they have for this summer.
Renee SmithEconomic Thought by Renee Smith, PhD, Chief Research Officer

“With some macro-economic indicators pointing in different directions and with inflation affecting some countries more than others, it’s more important than ever that brands understand the rapidly evolving behavior of the people who buy or use their products and services. The differential effects of economic and social factors on people’s lives are creating opportunities for brands that stay close enough to everyday life to see and act on them.”

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