GutCheck Launches Interactive Concept Developer, A New Agile Conjoint Solution

Press Release

June 6, 2022

When marketers and innovators set out to create new products or services, narrowing down the seemingly endless possible combinations of attributes, features, and price points can be overwhelming.

To address this, GutCheck’s Interactive Concept Developer and other new Agile Conjoint solutions offer an innovative approach that is helping more brands develop optimized, high-opportunity, and holistic concepts. Unique in the marketplace, Interactive Concept Developer uses a hybrid approach combining choice-based and adaptive methodologies, enabled by machine learning, to simulate real world decision making, all while being true to speed, rigor, and cost requirements of today’s agile research. 

Our innovative Agile Conjoint solutions, spearheaded by Interactive Concept Developer, are valuable new tools that further augment GutCheck’s Agile Human Experience Intelligence portfolio,” explains Rob Wengel, GutCheck CEO. GutCheck’s new solutions augment the rigor of traditional conjoint approaches with a unique, combined methodology, delivering higher-quality concepts, true to people’s preferences. Combined with other new solutions, Innovation Illuminator and Agile Creative Think Thank, GutCheck is helping clients ensure the human is at the heart of every initiative.” 

Wengel concludes, “Given the inflationary environment and uncertain economic outlook, GutCheck’s new Agile Conjoint solutions are timely tools to help brands bring the optimal mix of attributes, features, and price to market. 

For more information about GutCheck’s Interactive Concept Developer and Agile Conjoint solutions, visit our website. To speak with GutCheck about connecting more deeply with customers through human-centric research and insights, email

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