GutCheck’s Unique Concept Testing Product Gives Clients More Transparency, Agility, and Flexibility for New Product Innovation

Press Release
January 31, 2017


The only product of its kind, Competitive CheckpointTM compares product concepts to today’s competitive set, instead of historical norms

GutCheck, the inventor of and leader in agile market research, announced its newest product, Competitive Checkpoint. This agile quantitative solution allows marketers and researchers to see how their top product ideas compare to the current competing brands and products instead of historical databases that may lack sufficient transparency and specificity; using transparent benchmarks allows clients to drive their research and development knowing how they can be better than their competition.

Research results and insights from this type of study provide deep diagnostics that identify focus areas for refinement—including a Competitive Checkpoint Index that shows how new concepts rank against in-market competition and key drivers of those rankings. Competitive Checkpoint also enables clients to test their concepts with specific rather than broader audiences.

“As SKUs proliferate, traditional categories can fragment in consumers’ minds, and our clients are becoming more and more sophisticated about both the consumers they are targeting and the competition that’s relevant to their growth. Competitive Checkpoint gives our clients the ability to reach their specific targeted audiences who evaluate their concepts relative to the set of competitors consumers likely consider. With the right audience evaluating your concepts in the right competitive context, Competitive Checkpoint is a modern answer to today’s concept testing needs,” said Chief Research Officer Renee Smith.

This game-changing solution delivers on what clients are really asking for: transparency, agility, and flexibility. By challenging existing concept-testing approaches, Competitive Checkpoint enables new product launches to see more success earlier on.

To learn more about Competitive Checkpoint and the rest of GutCheck’s innovative solutions, email [email protected] or visit their product page.

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