Concept Refiner

Perfect Your Products and Ideas
GutCheck’s Concept Refiner uncovers the deeper feelings and motivations behind your audience’s decisions and how those relate to the concepts you’ve identified. This online qualitative study places your ideas – whether a product name, product concept, product packaging, etc. – in front of your target users and consumers. Using our Agile Human Experience Intelligence™ approach, we then gather and report their feedback and partner with you to find opportunities to improve and refine your offering, ensuring maximum market appeal.

By Incorporating This Solution, You Can:

  • Evaluate consumer reactions to concept(s), focusing on unique advantages, points of confusion or disbelief, opportunities for refinement

  • Gauge consumer response to [X] new product concepts, with emphasis on consumer language

  • Explore perceived emotional and function benefits of the new product concepts

  • Evaluate opportunities for concept improvement prior to validation, with focus on red flags or points of confusion/disbelief

Helpful Resources

Case Study

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Alpine Dog Brewing Company Label Refinement

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