Creative Prioritizer

Find the Campaign That Resonates
Gut instinct can only take you so far. Before launching any creative out into the marketplace, you need to be certain it will appeal to your target audience and encourage them to purchase or adopt your new product or technology.

GutCheck’s Creative Prioritizer helps you identify the creative ideas, concepts, and executions that are most likely to engage your audience. Our online quantitative study applies high confidence statistical testing to key metrics such as enjoyment, engagement, believability, breakthrough, impact, brand integration, message, and shelf impact.

We can also compare multiple ideas or measure new creative against benchmarks before launching in market.

Test Various Stimuli, Including:
  • “Big” Campaign Ideas

  • TV Ads

  • Digital/Interactive Media

  • Static Images: Print, OOH, Logos, Comps, and Icons

  • Copy: Names, Headlines, Claims, and Scripts

  • Video and Video Concepts: Storyboards, Animatics, and Adcepts

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