Creative Refiner

Make Sure Your Creative Cuts Through the Noise
GutCheck’s Creative Refiner uncovers the deeper feelings and motivations behind your audience’s decisions and how those relate to creative ideas and positioning. This online qualitative study places your ideas – whether logos, storyboards, concepts, headlines, or claims – in front of your target users and consumers. Using our Agile Human Experience Intelligence™ approach, we then gather and report their feedback and partner with you to find opportunities to improve and optimize the impact of your creative, ensuring maximum market appeal.
This Solution Allows You To:
  • Explore reactions to advertising execution(s), focusing on:

    1. Initial impressions
    2. Enjoyment
    3. Message (unaided)
    4. Brand Integration
  • Identify point of confusion or additional elements desired for comprehension and engagement, prior to further creative development
  • Gauge consumer response to an ad or creative execution prior to an ad going into market (Social Media reaction GutCheck)

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