4 Research Pitfalls in the Beauty Industry and Tips to Avoid Them

Apr 14, 2016

The beauty industry is changing quickly and drastically. The way we think about the industry as a whole is always changing and companies need to keep up with the constant shifts in consumers’ needs and wants. Because of this constant change, the ever-evolving consumer, and limited retailer space, there are common research pitfalls our clients have run into. Here, we share tips on how to avoid them.

4 Pitfalls in the Beauty Industry

Pitfall #1: Not engaging the retailer early in the development process.

✔ Takeaway: If retailers are involved early in the process, they are more likely to support the product and be more invested in its success. This will help you get the shelf space you need for new products.

Pitfall #2: Getting too broad or too specific of a recruit.

✔ Takeaway: Recruit category users who are representative of the demographic you (and your retailer!) are trying to reach. Find research solutions that can help you target your specific audience based on need—whether it be category or brand users.

Pitfall #3: Not setting the right context.

✔ Takeaway: Make sure your stimuli are reflective of how consumers will experience the product in the market.

Pitfall #4: Relying solely on quantitative research.

✔ Takeaway: Find an agile partner that can help you get both quantitative and qualitative results to help you understand the whys behind the data without sacrificing time or quality.

Where Does Agile Fit?

Agile research can be a great solution depending on where you are in your research process and what you want to achieve. Working with an agile partner that can get you quick consumer feedback to help you make informed decisions and keep your process moving forward will help you stay competitive and in-sync with your ever-changing consumer.

Tune to minute 13:46 in our webinar with Gia Calhoun, Global Innovation Insights Manager and beauty expert, to hear more about the pitfalls and what to do about them.

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Amelia Erickson

Amelia Erickson

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