Build Products and Ideas

There are many components in building a successful product launch or existing product innovation.

You must assemble the right idea, name, packaging, features, and price point to create the perfect product, all while adhereing to your product launch schedule. Gutcheck can help you put your best foot forward with our revitalized Prioritizer Suite, an agile, full-service research grounded in both functional and emotional metrics.

By using the voice of real users and consumers driving your decisions, our iterative and mixed methodology approach, including new empathy modules, empowers you to move forward quickly and confidently every step of the way.

Prioritizer Suite offers:

  • Concept testing – a rapid vetting of new product/service ideas for further refinement
  • Message testing – to determine which claims, names, benefits, RTBs, or taglines will have the greatest impact
  • Packaging – quickly identify which pack iterations will stand out and communicate you intended equity

NEW! Agile Conjoint

Affordable, Actionable, and Agile Conjoint Solutions for Concept Development, Feature and Pricing Optimization

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Concept Prioritizer

Pinpoint the Ideas Most Likely to Succeed

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Concept Refiner

Perfect Your Products and Ideas to Hit the Mark with Your Audience

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