Case Study: How a Major Technology Company Used Agile Research to Prioritize and Refine App Names for German and U.S. Markets

Jan 12, 2016

It’s no secret that the nature of the technology industry requires speed, iteration, and user feedback when it comes to creating and launching products that will find success. However, if you’re a global tech brand that needs to conduct international research, it can be a challenge to move through the development process quickly without a methodology and research design process capable of consistently comparing results across countries. Not mention the need for experienced, in-country moderators skilled in interpreting the various cultural nuances that affect the collection and interpretation of consumer insights.

For a major technology company, using an online agile research solution for both German and American markets allowed the consumer research team to make user-informed decisions about a new high-profile app being developed. The rich quantitative and qualitative feedback they obtained in a matter of days helped unify all global teams and made it easier to make a final decision on a winning app name that could strengthen the brand image and clearly communicate the app’s functionality across the two major markets.

Download our complimentary case study to read the full story and learn more about

  • the specific research design used,
  • the key findings for both markets, and
  • how the results were used to make unified decisions.

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