How a Small Craft Beer Brand Utilized Agile Research to Test New Label Designs

Sep 14, 2017

A Colorado brewing company, Alpine Dog Brewing, reached out to GutCheck about how to test new designs for their can and bottle offerings. With the competitive landscape in the current craft brewery space being tough, Alpine Dog sought to utilize research for the first time in order to gain a competitive advantage on shelf. The research sought to determine which label design resonated best among craft beer drinkers and could therefore be used in the upcoming release of Alpine Dog’s new beer labels. Based on the results, Alpine would optimize a winning concept and hone the language on the label with another phase of qualitative research.

The Research

In order to achieve Alpine Dog Brewing’s objectives, we conducted a Concept Prioritizer™ of six potential new label designs. We recruited men and women, ages 21 to 45, who drink beer at least twice a week, and enjoy craft beer at least 2 to 3 times a month. The research sought to prioritize the six new label designs based on a set of metrics:

  • Standout on shelf
  • Appeal
  • Uniqueness
  • Design fit with craft beer

Additionally, the research would determine what specific design aspects beer drinkers liked about the labels through heat maps and open-ends, and what label design was the overall favorite.

The Results

After testing all six label designs, a clear winner emerged. This particular label scored significantly higher across key metrics and in a head-to-head comparison of all concepts it was most preferred. Specifically, elements to do with the color scheme, graphics, and beer name were well liked.

To take a look at the six label designs tested, and the winner, download the full report below. You’ll also learn about

  • Specific colors and design elements consumers liked most
  • Whether beer consumers prefer to drink out of a can or bottle
  • Which craft beer types consumers enjoy most

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