Shopper Insights: What’s Happening in the Aisles?

Mar 22, 2016

It was invaluable to have people take pictures in the store. The verbatims were amazing, very powerful. Finding the right audience was key. Everyone was articulate and would readily share their experience with us.

– B. Aristud, Logitech Global Consumer Insights


We talk a lot about product development and the value of gaining consumer insights and applying them toward products from the innovation stage all the way through to the product’s launch. But what about once your product is on the shelf? How do you know what’s really happening once your shoppers are in-store?

This is where shopper insights come into play. For the global consumer insights team at Logitech, they wanted to be sure they were maximizing their latest product’s opportunity, so they turned to the GutCheck research team to help them understand alternative targets and positioning, a potential price point reevaluation, and distribution channels for the selected targets.

Here is the quick story of how the Logitech team used an online Instant Research Group paired with an in-store shopping activity to understand the purchase thought process and pain points from the buyer’s point of view. In addition to providing more confidence during conversations with their business partners and sales teams, the Logitech team gained invaluable insights into

  • Pre-shopping research
  • Product findability & barriers to purchase
  • Consumer thoughts on packaging, positioning, and the competition

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