GutCheck is a healthy, profitable company so why did we raise $4mm?

Press Release

June 20, 2013

Last week we did a bit of self-promotion regarding a $4 million investment we recently closed. We are big believers that our customers are sick of being in a position where they are only able to participate in 11% of the consumer-based decisions that are being made in corporate America (source: hbr, etc.). By deploying this new investment wisely, we can accelerate the pace of innovation in our on demand community platform, which will allow our customers to practice consumer insights in a more agile fashion and impact more consumer-based decisions more of the time.

What should you expect to see from us in the next 6 months? Our multi-national customers have told us loud and clear that they want to practice Agile Market Research not only domestically, but also on an international scale. The next version of our Instant Research Communities will address this need. We will continue to invest in our Online Research Strategy team, and the technology-enabled Agile methodologies we continue to build for Product Innovation and Marketing Communications Development.

We want to thank our new and existing investors who believe in our mission. And importantly, we want to thank our customers who have partnered with us on their important initiatives and who continually provide us valuable feedback on how to improve our offerings…without them, this investment would not have happened.

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