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September 9, 2020

New Exploratory Research Solution Enriches Audience Understanding and Brings Actionability to Persona Development 

GutCheck, a full-service provider of agile market research solutions, today announced the launch of Persona Connector, a new exploratory research product that enriches understanding of target audiences and brings immediate actionability to persona development.

Brands can leverage Persona Connector at any stage of the research process, and the deep intelligence it uncovers informs the strategies of consumer insights, product innovation, and marketing teams to guide:

  • Communication and messaging development.
  • Media placement and targeting strategy.
  • Creative and content development.
  • Product innovation, roadmap, and strategy.
  • High-level business strategy.

Using a multi-measurement approach that taps into unconscious and conscious factors of consumer choice, Persona Connector uncovers highly specific insights including: OCEAN personality type, latent needs, shopping motivations and behaviors, usage occasions, lifestyle, hobbies, interests, and media consumption habits.

“Persona Connector is a bold and robust answer to a problem that many brands face in today’s dynamic and complex environment: understanding their continuously evolving target audiences and developing the products and marketing campaigns that will most resonate with them,” said GutCheck CEO Rob Wengel. “With this solution, we’re combining key persona development with actionable recommendations – all within an agile framework – to help our clients make more consumer-centric decisions and gain the competitive edge they need.”

For more information on Persona Connector, click here.

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