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September 2, 2021

From frustration to love, people’s range of emotions are the seeds of great innovations.  The expressions of how people feel have never been more pervasive or accessible. The potential of using this big, unstructured, unsolicited data is only realized with the right applications.  

GutCheck Innovation Illuminator unlocks that promise, giving marketers and product developers a unique window into the human experience, and confidence that their next launch will succeed. Advanced Hybrid NLP – the core technology enabling GutCheck’s newest research solution – operates at scale, to get deep inside people’s hearts and minds.  It identifies real emotions which drive decisions and loyalty, surfacing the most important unmet needs to encourage innovation that will have audiences saying: ”they get me!”.  

“Innovators and insights professionals are under a lot of pressure to find the next ‘big idea’, but often miss critical human signals.” explains Rob Wengel, GutCheck CEO. “Uncovering emotions in an authentic and contextualized manner, at scale, has been impossible with traditional insights tools. GutCheck Innovation Illuminator delivers the breadth and depth of Human Experience Intelligence, without which, many are left wondering if their innovation will hit the mark.”   

GutCheck Innovation Illuminator sources from millions of digital, contextual conversations and reactions, via text analytics and Hybrid NLP.  It combines proprietary ontologies with machine learning and human expertise to derive eleven distinct, behavior-driving emotions and the most pervasive unmet needs. Understanding authentic human experiences enables a range of front-end innovation research from broad exploration of new spaces to the optimization of existing products, services, and apps. The resulting innovation prioritization framework provides immediate actionability for clients while fitting an agile workflow.  

Wengel concludes, “GutCheck Innovation Illuminator pilot clients represented a breadth of products, experiences, and apps.  Our partners realize that Human Experience Intelligence is about leading with empathy, so that brands can get close to people, to make the authentic connections needed to win in today’s crazy, complex market.”  

For more information on GutCheck Innovation Illuminator, visit our website.  To speak with GutCheck about connecting more deeply with your customers through empathy-driven innovation, email [email protected]      

As the pioneers of agile market research, GutCheck equips the world’s innovators with insights that drive confident decisions at critical inflection points. Their experienced researchers work as an extension of your team to unlock empathic insights that provide deep understanding and actionable outcomes – with a refreshingly human approach in a hyper-digital world. For more information, visit  

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