Agile Brand Health Tracker

Catalyze Growth Through Proactive Brand Monitoring
GutCheck’s Agile Brand Health Tracker is a quantitative research solution that delivers insights quickly – so you can act quickly.

With this solution, we monitor the health of your brand and present insights within the context of your unique business and marketplace, while offering actionable recommendations on how you can improve the quality and health of your brand. Using advanced agile analytics, we can tell you what emotional and functional brand attributes drive purchases and satisfaction with your brand.

We offer the flexibility to compare trends over time so you are constantly up to date and can adjust your strategy or pivot if necessary. Our research empowers you to take a more proactive approach to your brand strategy so you can stay ahead of the curve and engineer future growth.

By Incorporating This Solution, You Can:

  • Track brand health funnel metrics and conversion rates.

  • Determine drivers of brand satisfaction through advanced quantitative analysis.

  • Assess and monitor brand equities.

  • Develop a competitive landscape analysis.

  • Gauge brand satisfaction/NPS/outcome metrics for both users and non-users to inform your brand growth strategy and prospect targeting efforts.

  • Monitor product trial and consumer experience diagnostic results to inform marketing communication plans.


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