Concept Prioritizer

Pinpoint the Ideas Most Likely to Succeed
Wouldn’t you like to know that you’ve picked the right idea before you spend time and precious resources developing and releasing it into the market?

That’s exactly what GutCheck’s Concept Prioritizer solution was built for. This quantitative market research tests ideas and concepts, or more specific elements like names and packaging, with your desired target audiences. By applying high confidence statistical testing across key metrics relevant to your product category, we quickly identify which ideas, whether concept, messaging or package-based, will perform best with your target users and consumers.

We also offer some qualitative tools like heat-maps and curated text responses to identify areas for refinement. From field to report in about 3 days.

Use This Solution To Prioritize Your Top:

  • Ideas, Concepts, and Products

  • Names

  • Packages

  • Logos

  • Flavors

  • Varieties

  • Claims

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