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Making conjoint research agile, actionable, and affordable for brands who want their audience’s real emotions and decision-making embedded in their innovation process
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We know that when brands are creating new products or services, narrowing down the seemingly endless possibilities of attribute and feature combinations and pricing options can be overwhelming.

  • – How do you know you’re on the right track to resonate with your customers and be successful?
  • – Do you understand what an ideal product looks like in your users’ or consumers’ eyes?
  • – Would understanding the optimal combination of attributes and features bring more confidence to your innovation recommendations?

GutCheck created our Agile Human Experience Intelligence™ framework to help brands get closer to the people they serve, revealing the emotions, needs and personality dimensions – in context – that drive their behaviors.

Our new agile conjoint solutions work within this framework to deliver highly optimized holistic concepts for innovation testing, feature and attribute finalization, and go-to-market pricing finalization.

Interactive Concept Developer

New Interactive Concept Developer is an agile conjoint solution that enhances traditional conjoint analyses using a unique combined methodology to allow respondents to simulate real-world decision-making and trade-offs. This allows brands to advance high-opportunity, highly desirable concepts into additional research that are rooted in consumer preference.

How Is Interactive Concept Developer Different?

In contrast to traditional conjoint solutions, Interactive Concept Developer…

  • allows for respondent personalization to understand people’s specific preferences
  • uses hybrid Choice-Based and Adaptive methodologies to simulate real-world decision-making
  • includes machine learning to personalize the experience so no two surveys are the same
  • incorporates adaptive survey design which lets us go deeper to understand additional factors like relationships between attribute variants
  • requires lower sample size thanks to our hybrid approach (making it more affordable), extracting highly actionable insights from sample sizes as low as n=250
  • can be completed in as little as 7 days

This makes our solution agile, actionable, and affordable.

Using Interactive Concept Developer

Interactive Concept Developer helps brands deeply understand people and puts their preferences at the forefront of concept development, starting with having each respondent create their ideal product from the available features and attributes.

Building on these initial inputs, clients are able to advance their innovation research with confidence, using many of the key solution deliverables to help them make robust decisions.

Utility Scoring

Utility Scores indicate the relative desirability of each level within each attribute. These scores tell us how each level drives preference and choice for that attribute.

Top Concept Recommendations

Top Concept Recommendations highlight the product or service bundles to maximize consumer preference. This provides guidance on which elements should be considered to create the concepts that will then be tested.

Share Of Preference

Share Of Preference measures the probability that a specific option would be chosen over another if all feature components are held constant.

Interactive Concept Developer + Other GutCheck Agile HXI Solutions

Deeply understanding people and involving them and listening to them throughout your innovation process will always lead to deeper connections, brand engagement, and more successful innovation.

This is why we recommend using Interactive Concept Developer with other GutCheck Agile Human Experience Intelligence solutions like Innovation Illuminator and Agile Creative Think Tank.  This ensures your innovation is human-centric from end to end, and utilizes understanding of people in all their dimensions to create products and services that connect at deeper levels.

Additional Agile Conjoint Solutions

In addition to Interactive Concept Builder that leverages machine learning to deliver an optimized, human-centric approach to building high opportunity, holistic concepts in as little as 7 days, clients are using GutCheck’s Agile Conjoint solutions to answer other critical business questions.

  • Our agile conjoint can help brands:
    Determine the optimal bundle of product or service features that are most valued among your target market
  • Determine the price consumers are willing to pay for your product or service in context of the features offered, or understand how sensitive people will be to pricing changes
In Summary

Whether you are looking to create optimal human-centric product/service feature combinations to take into further research, nail down your final feature offering, or make a final decision on go-to-market pricing, GutCheck’s agile conjoint solutions are here to give you the confidence to make informed decisions rooted in understanding the human experience.

Let’s discuss how GutCheck’s agile, actionable, and affordable conjoint solutions can help you move your innovation forward with greater confidence.

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